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Joe Doe

Web Designer

I fell in love with ICT from my very first exposure to the internet in 2003 when a new cyber cafe was setup very close to my parent’s house. Yeah, Since then, I kept digging deep. I had the aim of knowing the machines/technolgoies working behind the computer system, most especially the internet

This led me to my quest. I studied several computer related courses until I found web design. Since 2007 that I got my first certification in website designing, their has not been a looking back. I kept learning and re-learning. From the days of massive coding to the days of framework and now CMS

With my years of practicing, I have discovered techniques and technologies that can be used to build powerful websites in a day, two or three. (This actually depends on the IQ level.

However, Hephzibah my 9 year old nephew was able to use this technology in this package in three days.

This technology was used to build power-solutions like Konga.com, slot.ng, payporte.com, nike.com etc.

This package is accompanied with all the tools necessary for you to become an e-commerce consultant even if you have zero knowledge right now.

You will be able to build powerful stores for clients and/or manage mega online stores by yourself if you wish.

Visit the home page to see the features of the whole package. Its a massive package. I made sure its a package I have never seen before, I don’t know if you have seen it. Take the chances today, don’t wait, the price will definitely go up soon. And I don’t bluff.


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